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These rules of regulated trading (the “Rules”) have been designed and adopted by Moscow Exchange (the “Exchange”).
The Rules have been endorsed by the Bank of Russia to ensure their compliance with the Russian legislation including Federal Law No. 325-FZ on regulated trading dated 21 November 2011 (the “Law”).
The Rules constitute an integral part of the trading service agreement. Such agreement is signed between the Exchange and authorised trading members of every Exchange’s section: banks, brokers and other persons specified in Article 16 of the Law.
The Rules do not establish and therefore do not govern the relationship between the Exchange and trading members’ clients and second level clients (the “trading members’ clients”).
The relationship between a trading member and its client(-s) which also arises in respect to transactions made on behalf of the client(-s) in the Exchange are regulated primarily by Russian laws and agreements between the trading member and its client(-s).
Notwithstanding references to the Rules in the agreement between the trading member and its clients(-s), the Rules cannot in any circumstance serve to substitute for such agreement and impose any liabilities on the Exchange before such client(-s).
Nothing in the Rules shall be construed as to constitute a contractual relationship between the Exchange and the trading member’s client(-s) or obligation(-s) between them. Nothing in the Rules shall serve to eliminate any term or condition of the agreement between the trading member and its client(-s).
Should any question arise regarding transactions executed on your behalf by the trading member or any other stockbroker, including matters related to using the Rules by the trading member, please contact such trading member or stockbroker.